Deliver your customers value they need!

We automate business processes of companies that want to attract and better serve their customers, develop new services and resolve operational problems more than buy software.

New services, products or added value for your customers.

Design with us a business process that will better use existing resources and information systems of your company. Service your customers need right now and your competition does not provide!

Sales channels and points of contact deeply integrated with the company.

Empower existing CRM or easily deploy new tools to access information and make decisions about sales quickly or automatically.

Pre-sales and post-sales combined into a single positive customer experience.

Deliver value to customers in a way that satisfies their needs or expectations combining the work of people and information systems of the company.

Optimized and automated operations.

For many years, we combine the tasks performed by people with electronic document workflow and IT systems in complex processes of our clients. Now it's time for you!

Enter into force established rules of operation by standardizing procedures and automation of business logic and rules.

Execute best practices and rules of conduct. Enter into force established rules of operation by standardizing procedures and automation of business logic and rules.

Closer co-operation with suppliers and subcontractors

Build activities that involve suppliers and partners into your business process and streamline them.

More efficient and accurate work

Equip your employees with a universal tool to access information, make decisions, and accelerate the implementation of daily tasks.

Making full use of human potential of the organization.

It's hard to increase employment? Make the difficult tasks and decisions automatically go to the employees of the highest competence, and easier job to lower-paid people. Everyone will be more satisfied and productive.

Predictable financial effects of the BPM implementations.

We know that you are looking for acquisition or customer retention, lower operating costs, and other strategic objectives more than to spend your funds on software. So check out what will be the ROI/TCO of BPM if the license itself is free.


Develop and integrate more for less

We support IT departments with competences gained in numerous projects automating business processes and implement Workflow / BPM / CRM tools so you can develop and integrate more dedicated solutions for users.


BPM systems build for change

We implement systems that are easily scalable without having to repurchase new licenses. Systems that are also ready for change in the flow or parameters of the processes, monitoring, reporting and the operation of user interfaces.


SOA integration

We adapt and implement Workflow / BPM applications to fully exploit their integration capabilities. Thousands of hours of programmers’ work and hundreds of successful system integrations on us.

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SLA for BPM support guaranteed!

We provide customer IT teams (helpdesk) tools to monitor and control applications ecosystem and our expertise in support of business users. When we agree on terms, that’s the way it is!


Security and access management.

We facilitate the use of corporate identity management systems, SSO and activity monitoring on the level the application. By the way, we also built and implemented own identity and access management system.

See the software we offer

We build solutions for our customers using reliable Workflow / BPM / BPMS tools


Reliable and efficient system created entirely by Horus, executing the most complex business process management tasks for demanding corporate clients and large organizations. Tens of thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of tasks every month. Perfect choice for the beginning!

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