Identity Management

We offer proven solutions and consultancy in a simple business model for organizations that wish to improve security and streamline information systems access processes.


We provide business professionals with self-administered, easy access to the necessary IT resources so they can quickly and efficiently get their job done.


Central repository of permissions

Store, view and report information about access to IT resources in single convenient admin panel.


Execute regulatory compliance

Implement procedures related to access to data and systems, tailored to the current needs of the organization.


Streamline access approvals

Improve self-service processes of granting, modification and revoking of access to IT systems for business users.


Automate access to IT resources

Easily integrate your systems with identity management application to automate granting and modification of access.


We offer managers at the highest level a real increase in security of their organizations, convenience in use of IT systems for employees and fees related to the amount of actually managed identities.

Simple pricing model for identity management

Horus offers a pricing model in which it’s easy to estimate costs and return on investment in identity management.

Consulting and training at every stage of the project

Horus links its fee to the identification and implementation of the broad objectives for improving the safety and productivity of its customers.