In close relationship with business and IT departments of our customers we choose, adapt to individual needs, build, implement and support information systems.


We build and support business process applications using workflow / BPM / BPMS systems so our customer organizations better face the ever-changing challenges of their markets.

Identity & Access Management

Customers wishing to increase security of their organizations and automate processes of information systems access can use our experience gained during many years of the development and implementation of identity management applications supporting thousands of users.

CRM systems with expanded functionalities

The portfolio of our projects include Customer Relationship Management and customer databases, which we adapt to the most demanding specifications, effectively extending their functionalities into complex business processes spanning entire organization. We take on the toughest integrations in the area of ​​provisioning and logistics service supply. We help create a more satisfying customer experience and increase sales. Talk to us about how your organization wants to acquire and retain customers.

Mobile business applications

We assist companies wishing to move their business processes on mobile platforms. We analyze and help to discover value given by particular hardware-software platforms (iOS, Android, responsive design and more). We create applications that accelerate operational or sales activities, reduce operating costs and provide access to information for our customer’s customers. Plan your company's mobile future with us.

Advanced web browser applications

For customers who conduct business remotely, we build the most advanced applications using functionalities of modern web browsers. We help to provide rich content (multimedia, documents in dedicated readers, maps and photographs) and build advanced interaction with users (interfaces for creating orders, entering data using graphical tools etc.).